JD Jones Lawn & Property - Complete Lawn & Property Maintenance
Q:How and when do I pay for my  service?
A:Our customers are welcome to pay for their services at the time of service or be invoiced by email or regular U.S mail. We take cash, check & credit cards (online only). We tell our customers "whatever is most convenient for them works for us".

What if it's raining on my service day?
A:If rain is likely on your scheduled service day we may service your property a day early or as soon as conditions improve.

Q:Will I be asked to sign any contracts?
A:No, we will never ask our customers to sign any binding long-term service contracts. The only thing we require is that our customers agree to pay us for any service that has been completed up until a date that a customer may want to cancel service. As always our customers can cancel any scheduled service for any reason at any time by simply contacting us by email, call, or text.

Q:We have young children and pets, do they have to stay inside?
A:As a matter of safety, we respectfully request that all children stay inside during our services. All pets should be inside or placed at a kennel on service days. Our crews are careful but we are unable to assume responsibility if your pet or pets somehow escape.

Q:How often should I have my lawn mowed?
A:Mow when the grass is actively growing, and mow often enough so you never cut more than one third of the grass blade each time. For cool season grasses, the peak time for top growth is in the spring and you will need to cut it weekly at a minimum until the grass goes dormant in the heat of summer.

Q:How do I avoid drought stress on my lawn?
A:We recommend that your lawn gets 2-3 inches of water per week.
you usually need about 20-30 minutes each day to reach this amount.

Q:My lawn doesn't look the way I want it to what should I do?
A:Just call or go online and order a service call and we will be happy to visit your property and resolve any issues or problems

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